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Florida Palm Trees

“When is the best time to visit Florida?” is one of the questions that I get asked the most.  Even though it is called the Sunshine State and people probably think perfect blue skies and weather all year long and cocktails on the white sand beaches, that’s not always the case. Florida has  typical tropical weather, and the weather will determine the high and low seasons. 


When is Hurricane Season?

It starts in June and ends in November, but the peak of Hurricane Season is July to September. You will want to avoid visiting Florida during this time. 

Florida Hurricane

First of all, the heat is almost unbearable – especially in cities like Orlando. I definitely don’t recommend coming to the parks in the middle of July. The humidity, the heat and the rain will make it harder for you to enjoy your stay. During  Hurricane Season, it rains almost daily, and I am not talking about a little of rain! It rains cats and dogs. It is really bad. I always keep an eye on the weather app and check radars to see if it is going to rain or not. I would not want to come to Florida during the summer months. To give you an idea, I barely get out of my house in July and August. It is way too hot and humid, and if I do, it is to go to the pool!

January – February

These two months can get pretty cold in the north of Florida and even in Orlando. There are a couple of days that I remember it being pretty chilly. These two months are not the best to come, but if you are not planning on going to the beach and you like the cold weather (and almost no crowds at amusement parks and popular attractions), then January and February are the months for you. It is always a bit better, in terms of avoiding the cold,  in South Florida. Miami and the Keys are not too bad around this time of the year. You will probably be able to find some good deals for hotels and plane tickets. 

March to May

These are, in my opinion, the best months to visit Florida. The weather is nice. It is sunny pretty much everyday, but there is no rain and  the unbearable heat of the summer hasn’t arrived yet. It is not as humid as the summer, either. This is the perfect time to enjoy the beach and the theme parks if you are coming to Orlando. However, this is a peak season, and in March and beginning of April you might find a lot of Springbreakers – especially down in Fort Lauderdale and Miami. 

Florida Palm Trees

June – September

It is the Summer in Florida, and it is really hot and humid throughout the state. You will get a lot of rain and thunder. It is usually nice in the morning, but when 3 o’clock hits, it is usually raining, and lightning is pretty common, too. It is a bit better in the cities located on the coast, since they get the coastal breeze, but Orlando is pretty much unbearable around this time of the year.  Make sure to always have an umbrella with you. And when it starts to rain, run to some places where you can stay until the storm passes. 

September to December

Fall is one of the best time to come to Florida. Hurricane Season is until November, but the heat and humidity are not as bad in Fall as they are in July. You might experience a couple of hurricanes in September and October (like we did with Irma and Matthew in recent years. Non-Floridians, be advised: it’s really not that bad most of the time!)  Ironically, these are usually the driest months in Florida, making it one of the best time to visit. My family came to visit in October and November last year, and we had the best time. 

When is the best time to visit Central Florida (Orlando), The Gulf Coast (Tampa Bay) and the Space Coast (Daytona)?

I would want to avoid all holidays; the parks are crowded, and the hotels are going to be very expensive. I believe the best season to visit Orlando is April or May (avoid Spring Break) or Fall, when it is not as hot and humid. Heat-wise, it is always a bit better by the coast, since the breeze will make the heat bearable, but I would still suggest May or Fall to visit Tampa Bay and the Space Coast. 

WDW Orlando

When is the best time to visit South Florida (Miami, The Florida Keys, Naples)?

The best part of the South is that most of the cities are around the coast, which means that you will always have a nice breeze. I would suggest April,May, and Fall as well. Make sure to avoid the Spring Break months (usually March and April) if you don’t want to share the beach with loud drunk college kids. 

South Florida

When is the best time to visit North Florida?

The Panhandle experiences really cold temperatures in the winter (there was snow last year), so I would avoid going there from December to February. During March and April, Destin and Panama City are very popular destinations for Spring Breakers, so I would recommend Fall, from September to November, as a perfect time to visit The Florida Panhandle. 

I hope this was helpful and that you can now plan your Florida vacations knowing what to expect weather-wise. Just know that no matter when you come, you will always have a great time!