I don’t know if you are like me when you leave for a trip, but I always  overpack clothes and my toiletry. I always think I won’t have enough outfits or will run out of soap, but I sometimes I end up forgetting the most important things! Florida is a wonderful place to visit, but its climate is also pretty unique, and having certain items on your trip will definitely help to make the experience as healthy and fun as possible.  Here is a list of items that I think everyone should pack while visiting Florida. 


  • Bugs / Mosquitos Repellent

The mosquitos here are on another level of aggressiveness. They even manage to bite through your clothes. Make sure to get a good mosquito repellent. I like the one below (I am sure there are many other great options), and it’s also a good idea have a lot of citronella candles if you’re planning on outdoor pastimes, like grilling or lounging in the pool – but sometimes, even that is not enough. If you are planning to eat on a terrace at night, make sure you spray yourself. If you are going to the Everglades or you are doing any type of activities in nature, make sure you bring the bug repellent with you. Trust me – it will be a life saver, and you’ll be glad you did.

Bug Spray Florida

  • Sunscreen

Please use sunscreen! The sun is so strong here. Don’t lay on the beach without any sunscreen; you will not have a nice tan, you will be pretty badly burnt. Make sure to always put sunscreen when you are going outside, even if it’s an overcast or rainy day. I got a sunburn driving, so believe me – I know first-hand that the sun’s rays are powerful in Florida. I do not leave my house without sunscreen on. If you are going to the parks, going kayaking, or want to enjoy the pool or the beach, make sure to bring your sunscreen with you. You probably want to get some Aloe Vera that you can put on your skin after you take in the sun. I use a sunscreen that is reef safe because it is important for me to protect myself as well as the oceans!

Sunscreen Florida

  • Umbrella

Even though Florida is called the Sunshine State, you should always have an umbrella or a poncho in your bag if you are visiting sometime between June and November. The rain will ruin your trip if you are not prepared. Better be safe than sorry. Make sure to check the weather every morning; sometimes, Florida’s unpredictable forecast includes an hour or two of intense rain, right in the middle of the day. Better safe (and dry) than sorry! . 

Rain in Florida

  • Swimwear

You can’t come to Florida without a swimsuit. At some point, you will go to the beach, enjoy the hotel pool after a long day at the parks, go kayaking, or off to the springs. Good news for you is that if you forget it, you can always get one here. But my swimsuit is the first thing I put in my bag whenever I go somewhere, because I know that at one point we will stop somewhere for a swim.

  • Shoes

You will need two types of shoes: some flip flop to go to the beach and just relax, and need some comfortable shoes (preferably running shoes or sneakers) because you will most likely walk a lot. There is nothing worse than having uncomfortable shoes while visiting the theme parks. You will probably want to explore the city you are stopping in, and the best way to do so is by walking around. You would be surprised to know how many miles we walked exploring Downtown Miami (you can read my article about Miami here). 

Shoes to pack to Florida

  • Snorkeling Gear

The best part of Florida is the amazing turquoise water. I would suggest for you to bring your snorkel and explore the beautiful sea life here. Key Largo is one of the best places to do so, but you can try it everywhere. You will find a bunch of tropical fish and  starfish… One of my best memories was in the Keys: we stopped at Bahia Honda State Park, and I was so excited to have the snorkel with me! I saw so many fish, and I even spotted a couple of starfish and conchs. It was amazing!

What to pack to Florida

Have you been to Florida before? What is the must-have items that you forgot, or you were glad you packed?